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Starting Thursday April 1, 2021 the window exhibition “Stills of Life’ will be shining from behind the windows of VOX-POP. The pictures are made by photographer and visual artist Senna Laura Leezenberg. Friday the 4th of June this exhibition will be closed with a festive finissage. Want to come and raise a glass with us? Sign up via the link below.

Event details of Window Exhibition: 'Stills of Life'
Start date 1 April 2021
End date 4 June 2021
Time 12:00
Image: Senna Laura Leezenberg

Senna Laura Leezenberg looks in her work for connections and contradictions, mostly around social-, and cultural topics. “Stills of life’ arose out of city-walks in Amsterdam, Senna Laura explains: “When walking through Amsterdam, I always notice the solitary ones, the people who take a step back in the middle of a crowded city. Immediately, scenarios start forming in my head. Why are these people here alone? Are they waiting for someone? Is their retreat from the daily rush a conscious choice or do they have no one or nothing around and are they not just alone, but lonely?’’

This exhibition, filled with romantic images, starts the conversation on the difference between being alone and being lonely and on what taking distance can do to a human being. The images in this series reminds us of film stills, every image as an invitation to a new scene or new story.

The exhibition is open every day from April 1, until June 4, 2021. Free entrance, as it is visible from the street. So, enjoy the images during a nice city-walk and let your own imagination flow!

We also happily invite you to join us in celebrating the end of this exhibition on Friday the 4th of June. At this festive finissage you can explore this exhibition on it's final day and have the chance to meet the artist Senna Laura Leezenberg.