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Double Degree Programme

The Amsterdam Law School offers an attractive Double Degree Programme in collaboration with the University of Zürich for Law students.

Double degree University of Zürich – Amsterdam Law School

The Double Degree Programme is a unique two-year programme where you study for one year at the UvA and one year at the UZH. Participation in the Double Degree Programme means that you will be able to obtain your master’s degree in Zürich after one year (60 ECTS) instead of one and a half year (90 ECTS)!

In Zürich, you can choose a German taught or an English taught master programme provided that you meet the  German or English requirements.

English taught masters

  • Master of Law UZH - General Studies
  • Master of Law UZH - European and International Law
  • Master of Law UZH - International Business Law

German taught masters

  • Master of Law UZH – Rechtspraxis
  • Master of Law UZH – Wirtschaftsrecht
  • Master of Law UZH - Öffentliches Recht

A master’s degree from two renowned Law Schools in Europe is very valuable for a future in an international working environment. You will get the chance to study different legal systems in an international setting. Besides, Swiss is an important financial center, where a lot of international institutions are located.


Are you currently enrolled in a legal master at UvA and would you like to be nominated for the Double Degree Programme? Applications at the International Office of the Amsterdam Law School are open until 15 January.

Please send an email to using the subject ‘Application Double Degree Programme’accompanied by your official Transcript of Records.

When you start your Master in Zürich, you won’t be enrolled at the UvA and you will pay tuition fee to the University of Zürich (ca. €900,- per semester).


In order to be admitted to the LLM programme in Zürich, you have to meet the requirements of the university of that specific master. You do not need to take an English language test.
You are obligated to finish your master at the UvA before you start at the University of Zürich.

Housing in Zürich

When you are admitted to a master programme at the University of Zürich, you can apply for off-campus housing. Please note, a room is not guaranteed.

Building in Zürich
All major banks have branches in Zürich.