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Guest Lecture by Simon Ferdinand (University of Amsterdam) in the (Post)Pandemic Urbanism Seminar organized by Carolyn Birdsall | ASCA Cities Project

Event details of Imagining earth otherwise
Date 21 May 2021
Time 15:00

Simon Ferdinand is a lecturer in literary and cultural analysis at the University of Amsterdam. He is author of Mapping Beyond Measure: Art, Cartography, and the Space of Global Modernity (2020) and the coeditor of Other Globes: Past and Peripheral Imaginations of Globalization (2020). Starting in 2021, Ferdinand has a new, NWO-funded research project that uses an innovative GeoHumanities approach to show how past representations of Earth from different cultures provide alternative ways of tackling global environmental change today.

Preparatory reading:

- Ferdinand, Simon. "Worlds Apart: Prehistories of the Overview Effect." Kunstlicht 41.2/3 (2020): 19–24. Special issue: ‘On Maps’, edited by Anna Sejbæk Torp-Pedersen.

- Wenzel, Jennifer. "Planet vs. Globe." English Language Notes 52.1 (2014): 19–30.

- Lazier, Benjamin. "Earthrise; or, the globalization of the world picture." The American Historical Review 116.3 (2011): 602-630.

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