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On Friday May 14, 14:30 – 16:30 hrs. CET, Luisa F. González Valencia, PhD candidate at CEDLA/University of Amsterdam, will give an online presentation on the production and distribution of popular Colombian cinema. 

Event details of Popular Colombian Cinema – by Luisa González
Date 14 May 2021
Time 14:30 -16:30


If you want to attend, please send an email before May 14 to:  

The history of film in the Global South has been a play between the local and the global, between imperialist and mainstream influences, with local traditions, landscapes, characters and concerns. This presentation proposes a narrative to understand how cinema has happened in Colombia, giving special attention to the current production of popular digital films. We will talk about how are they produced and distributed outside of the official film circuit and signal common elements that make visible the local and global, subaltern and hegemonic intermingle.   

Attendees are invited for a discussion afterwards. To that end, Luisa has provided a draft of her forthcoming article ‘Popular Colombian Cinema’ (currently in the process of being published) and additional readings for background information. 

Luisa F. González Valencia is a filmmaker, film programmer and researcher, and currently a PhD candidate at the Centre for Research and Documentation on Latin-America (CEDLA), UvA, where she studies popular Colombian film. More information: