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Where can you find user manuals to get started with Zoom? And how do you make sure online meetings run smoothly? You can find it on this page.

User manuals

On the website of Zoom video tutorials are available where all functionalities are clearly explained:

Please note:

Would you like to organize a meeting with more than two persons at the same time? For a meeting with more than two persons, there is a limit of 40 minutes.

Zoom meeting etiquette

In order for such an online meeting to run smoothly, it is important that we all adhere to the 'Zoom meeting etiquette'. You will find the the main points of this etiquette below:

  • All participants of the meeting dial in a few minutes before the meeting starts. This prevents interruptions during the meeting if someone joins later.
  • Each meeting has one chairperson who opens the meeting and gives the floor to participants.
  • All participants mute their microphone when they are not speaking. If several microphones are open at the same time, this causes a lot of noise.
  • Do you have a question during the meeting? Then you can briefly 'un-mute' your microphon.