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Bachelor's re-enrolment

for Dutch and international students

Follow the steps below in order to re-enrol for a Bachelor's programme.

1. Re-enrol using Studielink

  • Start by logging in with your DigiD.
    Verify your telephone number and email address and update the information if necessary.
    International students who do not have a DigiD should log in to Studielink using their username / email address and password.

2a. Re-enrol in the next year of your programme

  • If you want to re-enrol, go to your To do list and click on Re-enrol for next year. You can do this from 10 May. On the next page, click on Yes, I want to re-enrol. Follow the various steps and confirm your re-enrolment.

2b. Re-enrol after temporary termination of enrolment

  • If you want to continue your studies go to Add new enrolment application and and select your degree programma. At Start as, select Advanced-year if you are re-enrolling for the second, third, or fourth year of your programme.
    Please note: some degree programmes in Studielink are not open for enrolment on 1 February. If this is the case for your degree programme, you can submit your re-enrolment request to the Examination Board of your degree programme.

3. Pay your tuition fees

Your re-enrolment can only be finalised if you have arranged the payment of your tuition fees. You can do this from 12 May. In Studielink you can also authorise the UvA for direct debits from your bank account. The first instalment will be withdrawn at the end of September automatically then.

Check the tuition fees

Would you like to pay your tuition fees in one instalment or is someone else paying your tuition fees? Check for the options.

Proof of enrolment

Once your re-enrolment is finalised and the payment of your tuition fees is arranged you will receive a Proof of Enrolment by email.

You can also track the status of your re-enrolment in the dashboard in SIS.

Good to know

  • You can only re-enrol if you meet your programme's BSA requirements.
  • Be sure to check with your degree programme coordinator whether it is necessary to register separately for courses (note that the course registration deadline may be before 1 September or 1 February).
  • You must be enrolled in order to make use of the UvA student facilities and to take exams.