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Public Policy and Governance

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This minor introduces students to the field of public policy against the background of societal change. Policies may be understood as deliberate attempts at influencing the dynamics in society. Politics can be seen as struggles about the formulation, implementation and change of policies. Governments hold specific institutionalized powers to manage such struggles. They often do this in close collaboration with citizens, businesses, NGOs, social movements and other actors.

For whom?

Students who are interested in:

  • Societal changes.
  • Policy issues that are relevant to their main study.
  • A position in the public administration or non-profit or organizations.

Entry requirements:

Completed first year of a bachelor’s programme. A completed first year of applied sciences (HBO) does not grant access to the minor.


International exchange students are contacted by their programme coordinator regarding enrollment.

Students from Dutch universities can
enroll the following way:
1) Studenten van andere universiteiten moeten zich bij de UvA inschrijven
als bijvakstudent, zie
2) Meld je aan voor de minor via het aanmeldformulier in de studiegids.
3) Schrijf je daarna in voor de vakken via SIS.


Dr. E.M. (Erik) Besseling

Facts & Figures
Language of instruction Dutch, English
Conditions for admission
Starts in September