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Lecturer of the Year

Every year the Lecturer of the Year award is awarded to an excellent lecturer.

Good lecturers are at the heart of education. Lecturers enthuse and inspire students. As UvA, we are proud of our lecturers. Therefore, students of the Central Student Council and ASVA Student Union, together with the staff of the Teaching & Learning Centres, organise the annual UvA Lecturer of the Year award.

David Bos is UvA Lecturer of the Year 2021

Dr. David Bos has been named UvA Lecturer of the Year 2021 during UvA Education Day! Bos was praised for mastering the art of explaining complex subject matter while making meaningful connections with students. The jury saw that Bos had a pleasant tempo of explanation and the active involvement of students in lectures. Bos has a great talent for storytelling and works actively to engage students. All of this is achieved while never losing sight of the practical applications of the theory presented. Students praise the winner for his in-class teaching, but also for how he stays involved with the learning process outside of lectures. The jury also saw his dedication to teaching and the learning process shine through in the course manual we found. It is the combination of fantastic storytelling, clear course structure and connection with his students that make this winner.

The Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (IIS) awards the winner a Carte Blanche.

*In the videos above, the winner of Faculty of Dentistry Samar Mosa is missing.

Election 2021

From April 6 through April 16, 2021, all UvA students and staff can vote for a lecturers online. When voting, students and staff could indicate why this lecturer is appreciated and why this lecturer should receive the title of UvA Lecturer of the Year. The number of votes was adjusted for the size of the study programme where the lecturer teaches, to ensure that programmes of large and small size had equal chance of nomination.

The faculty winners of 2021 are dr. John van Boxel (Faculty of Science), dr. Stevan Rudinac (Economics & Business), Fatjon Kaja (Amsterdam Law School), dr. David Bos (Faculty of Social- and Behavioural Sciences), Samar Mosa (Faculty of Dentistry), prof. Joep Leerssen (Faculty of Humanities) and doctor Jos Bramer (Faculty of Medicine).

The UvA Lecturer of the Year is chosen by a jury. The jury consisted of students from the Central Student Council and ASVA Student Union. Manish Jhinkoe-Rai (chair CSR), Thomas Riedlsperger (CSR), Jules Declérieux (vice-chair ASVA Student Union), Prof. René Smits (winner of the 2020 Lecturer of the Year award) and Rector Magnificus Karen Maex.

Previous winners

Last year Prof Dr René Smits of Amsterdam Law School won this award. The jury praises Smits for his involvement and the way in which he makes complex subject matter accessible to his students.

These lecturers preceded David Bos: René Smits Elio Baldi, Frank Nack, Antoinette Muntjewerff, Bas de BruinJoris MaréeMieke MulderJan van MaarseveenGerben MoermanSander BaisPeter StarreveldMathieu de Bakker and Maria Bonaria Urban.

The Lecturer of the Year award has existed since 2007.