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Study progress monitoring

Students receive a residence permit from the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Department (IND) that is valid for the nominal duration of their education. Students keep this residence permit if they obtain at least 50% of the required credits for each academic year. Is the study progress not sufficient? The UvA must then report this to the IND. Students may lose their right to a residence permit in that case.

To whom does the study progress monitoring not apply?

  • To all students who are enrolled for a preparatory period (a pre-master, for example). You must complete this program within 12 months and no extension is possible.
  • Students who deregistered during the course of the academic year.
  • Exchange students. 
  • Students who graduate within the academic year.

The UvA informs you twice a year about whether you have obtained enough credits to keep your residence permit.

What happens if you cannot make the 50% threshold?

The UvA informs the IND by the end of November at the latest whether you have obtained at least 50% of the required credits in the past academic year. An academic year always ends on 31 August.

Weren't you able to obtain sufficient credits? The UvA will then have to determine whether there is a valid reason for this. This is called an 'excusable reason' and must be in the order of severe personal circumstances like illness, family circumstances, or psychological issues, in order to be accepted.

Don't you have an excusable reason, and therefore have insufficient credits? The UvA Immigration Office will then have to deregister you at the IND, who will inform you about the deregistration. Your residence permit may in that case be withdrawn. You will, however, receive a letter about this to which you can respond. If your residence permit will indeed be withdrawn but you wish to remain in the Netherlands, you will have to apply for another residence permit.

What can be a valid reason?

A valid reason means an excusable reason. These are listed in the Higher Education and Research Act. These are:

  • illness
  • physical or sensory impairment or other functional disorder
  • pregnancy
  • exceptional family circumstances
  • board duties
  • the inability to study

If you have obtained insufficient credits and have a valid reason for this, then nothing has to be reported to the IND. The university will include in its records that you have a valid reason. Just as long as you have contacted the student counsellors about the matter before 31 August.

A switch in study programme is not considered to be a valid ground for exemption from the 50% threshold. A student who makes insufficient progress with their studies is not allowed to stay at the same institution. They may, however, switch to another educational institution to continue their studies.

Cancelling your enrolment before 1 May? In that case it is possible to apply for a new residence permit for the September start (unless the programme or BSA does not permit it).