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Practical matters

UvA Staff Housing

When is household waste collected? May I own a pet? What can I do about neighbour noise? Read on for a brief overview of practical matters related to living in Amsterdam.

  • Waste collection and hygiene
    • Household waste should be put out for collection on a fixed day of the week. If you put your waste outside at the wrong moment, you could be fined. For some kinds of recyclable waste, you must sort it by type and bring it to containers located across the city. Read more about waste disposal in Amsterdam.
    • As Amsterdam is also popular amongst all kinds of vermin, it is very important to keep the apartment clean. Read more about pest control.
  • Nuisance and neighbour noise

    Problems with your neighbours? Here are some suggestions if you haven’t been able to solve these problems yourself:

    • Always contact your housing corporation and your UvA housing officer.
    • Your housing corporation may be able to mediate between you and your neighbours. Housing corporations also have contacts with various services providing mediation, such Beter Buren and the City of Amsterdam's Hotline for Care and Residential Inconvenience (in Dutch: Meldpunt Zorg en Overlast).
    • You can also contact these organisations yourself.
  • Subletting

    Subletting is only permitted if you’re going abroad for field work and for a maximum of 12 months. You can apply for permission to sublet through UvA Staff Housing. Please ask your housing officer for contact details.

  • Pets

    Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in any accommodation provided through UvA Staff Housing. Exceptions are made for emotional support animals and assistance dogs.

  • Safety and emergencies
    • Accommodation provided through UvA Staff Housing should have a smoke alarm. Gas-heated apartments also have a carbon monoxide alarm. If either of these are missing, please call the maintenance department of your housing corporation.
    • In case of an emergency, dial 112.
    • In case of a (suspected) gas leak, dial 0800-9009.
    • In a non-emergency situation, you can contact the police at 0900-8844.
    • In case of any damage to the building: please call the maintenance department of your housing corporation. You can find the contact details on the housing corporation’s website.
    • Always inform your housing officer about any of the above situations.