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Housing for PhDs and international researchers

UvA Staff Housing

UvA Staff Housing is a service to help PhDs and other researchers from outside the Netherlands to find housing in Amsterdam. We can arrange accommodation for a period of one month to four years.

There is a severe housing shortage in Amsterdam. If you are eligible for accommodation arranged through UvA Staff Housing, you are strongly advised to use our service. Be aware that because of the difficult housing market, we may not be able to satisfy specific requests related to flat size, location or layout or the starting date of your rental contract.

Find accommodation through the UvA Staff Housing service
Eligibility and how to apply
Find out if you’re eligible for accommodation provided through UvA Staff Housing and how to apply.
Rents and fees
Besides the monthly rent, you may be required to pay administration fees, local taxes and a refundable deposit.
More information
Finding accommodation on your own
Not eligible for accommodation through UvA Staff Housing? Learn more about finding private sector accommodation in Amsterdam.
Practical matters
Find out about waste disposal, neighbour noise and other matters related to living in Amsterdam.