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Eligibility and application

UvA Staff Housing

UvA Staff Housing is a service for international academic staff: PhD candidates, post-doctoral fellows, visiting scholars, professors and lecturers. Find out if you are eligible and how to apply.

UvA Staff Housing works with waiting lists. It is very important that your application be arranged as soon as possible, and preferably at least three months before your arrival date.

  • Step 2: Complete the housing application
    • Your housing officer will request your personal details and he or she will forward this information to UvA Staff Housing.
    • UvA Staff Housing aims to send you a housing offer at least six weeks before your arrival date. Short-stay accommodation can also be an option at the start of your stay, if long-term accommodation is not yet available.
  • Step 3: Accept the housing offer and pay the UvA housing fee
    • Once UvA Staff Housing has found suitable accommodation for you, you will receive an official housing offer. Because of the scarcity of housing in Amsterdam, we may not be able to meet specific requests regarding flat size, location and layout.
    • Accept the housing offer by following the instructions in the email. At this point you will have to pay the UvA housing fee to confirm your acceptance.
    • UvA Staff Housing will send your personal details to the housing corporation that owns the accommodation you will be renting. This housing corporation will contact you about the first payments and about signing your rental contract. Getting the keys to your accommodation could take place at the housing corporation’s offices or at your new address; this varies by housing corporation.