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Fact sheets

Results: 1 - 12 of 12
Results: 1 - 12 of 12
  • Fact sheet Finances

    Is the UvA financially healthy? Why is it is necessary to make cutbacks? How is the budget drawn up?

  • Fact sheet Flexible learning pilot

    What is flexible learning? For whom is flexible learning intended? Which degree programmes offer flexible learning? For how long will the flexible learning pilot be offered?

  • Fact sheet Holding

  • Fact sheet Internationalisation

    The number of international students at Dutch universities is growing, including at the UvA. Universities are pleased with this development but there has also been criticism. This fact sheet provides answers to questions about how we approach internationalisation at the UvA.

  • Fact sheet Participation in decision-making

    How has participation in decision-making been organised? What are the competences of the representative advisory bodies?

  • Fact sheet Pre-investments

    What are the pre-investments? How much money is involved and how will this be used for the benefit of educational quality?

  • Fact sheet Real estate management

    How is the UvA approaching investment in its buildings? Will deficits in the real estate budget come at the expense of funding for teaching and research? What is the UvA doing with vacant space?

  • Fact sheet Staff composition

    What is the composition of the UvA’s workforce? What is the balance between permanent and temporary academic staff, and between academic staff and support and management staff?

  • Fact sheet Student housing

    Why is the student housing shortage growing? What steps are the municipality of Amsterdam and the UvA taking?

  • Fact sheet Student loan funds

    The University of Amsterdam receives student loan funds from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. These funds have become available because of the introduction of the student loan system and must be spent on new, innovative, education-related activities (as set out in the sector agreement on higher education. How will the UvA use student loan funds? Who decides what the funds are to be used for?

  • Fact sheet Swaps

    Why does the UvA have swaps? Did the UvA suffer any losses on the swaps? Will all swaps be converted?

  • Factsheet Social Safety

    The UvA wants everyone to feel welcome and students and employees to treat each other respectfully and refrain from undesired behaviour. The factsheet explains what the UvA does to ensure a safe environment to study and work.